Apple Valley All Nations SDA Church

…the everlasting gospel…to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.. Revelations 14:6-12

Worship God through Prayer


Welcome to our prayer request page.  Do you have a concern you would like us to join you in prayer for?  You may share your request with us by filling out the form to your right. 

You may send a follow up request as your circumstances change as we are eager to know how God is answering.

Our prayer team will leave comments for you to acknowledge that we are praying for you.

If publishing requests publically is allowed, you can see the requests of others down below and pray for them too.


Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.

Ephesians 6:18



Also, please join us online for our Mid-Week Prayer Meeting each week.




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Updated January 22, 2023:

  • Prayer requests that Jesus can consist every day in His Immortal, Renewable Life to His creation, being back the lost loved ones back to their ingroup, heal the invalids of their curses and illness, launch a campaign for His name to redo the culture, and spread this message from Bro. D. Hash

  • Peace and safety for the country of Ukraine.

  • Bro. JT's girlfriend in the hospital and healing relationship with mother.

  • Sis. LV who is sick.

  • By Sis. SS, please pray for close friend, Sis. DD. She is gravely ill.

  • Sis. T having hip surgery.

  • By Anda B, please pray for shelter dog, Reko to get adopted.

  • Sis SF fighting COVID-19.

  • Bro D and Sis T for traveling mercies.

  • ? sister's friend Ryan at home recovering from surgery.

  • Sis C's grandaughter with cardiac pneumonia.

  • Sis T's husband who had surgery and pray for healing.

  • Sis T's sister M in hospital with double pneumonia and heart trouble.

  • For Bro RF and his sister S as she is in hospice and is life terminal.

  • For Sis MA's coworker to heal and recover from COVID-19.

  • For BB's cousin to heal from growing brain tumor and for the surgeons and  doctors care.

  • For Sis SS' daughter to secure living accommodations.

  • For Sis LG and family as they mourn the passing of Bro JG.

  • For Bro I that God will wrap His hands around him.  Guiding him. 

  • For Bro DP being quarantined at home 2 weeks for being exposed to a sick co-worker on  his first day of new job.

  • Praise for Sis KH lung x-rays becoming negative.

  • For Sis KH to have healing from breathing issues.

  • For the transformation of the Corona virus situation
    in the world. Visualize and ask for healing
    anointing and energy like rain to fall and
    soak every inch of land in the world. All flu
    virus, coronavirus and pneumonia-like illness
    supernaturally die out by itself, evaporated
    and extinguished from the world. No more
    report of new cases-visualize the feeling of
    relief and smiles amongst the medical
    people and the public to shout out with
    victory on their faces, saying thank you God
    for your love, grace and mercy that
    everything will begin to be back to normal.
    Please pass this message on to anyone you
    know who would pray with us. The
    power of worldwide prayer will help activate
    the positive energy and healing power in the

  • The safety of all those in the path of the Tenaja Fire in Riverside County California

  • The safety of all those in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

  • Sis MB to have healing from abnormal protein levels.

  • Safe travels for all the Pathfinders attending the International Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

  • Bro JD to quit marijuana and overcome smoking.

  • Sis PL to come back to the SDA Faith.

  • Sis MA’s brothers to accept Christ

  • Sis MB for heart health/stress management.

  • Sis TB for Holy Spirit guidance and obedience.

  • Bro A and Sis J for Holy Spirit guidance, obedience and prayer life.

  • Sis VS for finances, stability, job offer, evangelistic opportunities and healing in her lungs.

  • Bro ES to come back to Christ.

  • Sis SS’ children.

  • Bro RB to resolve issue of confiscated phone and computer over a year ago.

  • Sis TF’s brother and sister to come to Christ. Progress made.

  • Bro GM for reaffirming faith in Christ.

  • Bro JL’s wife’s aunt to get her car back. Still in process but could take a year to resolve.

  • Sis TF’s granddaughter to read her Bible more and come to Christ.

  • Sis ZK’s friend’s grandfather to come to Bible study and/or prayer meeting.

  • Sis TF’s mother-in-law for answers to mistreatment from sons and her caregiver to not quit.

  • Sis TF’s sister for safety and homeless situation.

  • Bro BW to come back to Christ.

  • Bro RK and Sis JK to accept Christ as their personal Savior.

  • Bro HW good work at the Redlands VA.

  • Sis TF friend’s, Sis C and Sis L to come to Bible studies.

  • Bro JI’s sister and brother to come to God and have a spiritual life.

  • Bro DR to stop smoking and his mourning over father’s passing.

  • Bro HW’s friend who is having issues regarding worldly things.

  • Sis CR who needs wisdom from the Holy Spirit regarding possible divorce.  She is leaving husband, 7/11/18.

  • Sis T to accept Saturday as the Sabbath.

  • Bro MG to come back to God. Last visit was 6/30/18.

  • Sis M for domestic violence situation.

  • Sis TF for discernment of her dreams, her memory, strength to handle personal issues, to abstain from sweets and in need of a lifestyle change.  Family in house needs healing.

  • Sis MD to get a job in Loma Linda.

  • Sis LS for the Holy Spirit to guide her mind and give her strength to get through her schooling and master’s degree.

  • Sis A to get through nursing school.

  • Bro HW’s brother who established a church on the north side and staring one on the south side. Pray for completion and help in obtaining food and other life necessities.

  • Bro HW’s friend Bro C who is a pastor of six churched and needs prayer for strength. Six baptisms performed as of 6/13/18.

  • Bro HW’s friend conducting bible studies and is working to build a church.

  • Sis JI’s friend, Bro A to open his hearth to Christ and the truth. For Sis M to be an example to him.

  • Sis JI’s co-workers, Sis S and Bro J that their hearts will be open to Christ.

  • Bro HW’s request to pray for our country and leaders.

  • Sis BB’s friend Bro J who is now having to work Sabbaths.

  • Sis TF’s daughter in looking for a job. She now needs surgery and waiting for insurance approval.

  • Bro DR’s sons Bro M, J, B, J and T for spiritual guidance.

  • Sis TF’s niece, Sis M who is demon possessed with multiple personalities. Pray also for her 5-year-old daughter that she encounters no harm.

  • Bro RD’s situation resolved with Sis B.  Pray for son Bro F to help him.

  • Sis TF’s cousin had home water damage and insurance is not cooperating.

  • Bro RM and his mom are homeless and are #30 on the HUD housing list.

  • Sis JS is in poor health and in her nineties.

  • Friend of Sis SD, Sis E has lupus and for her daughter to get away from spiritualism.

  • Sis SS to have success in preaching the gospel at the gym.

  • Bro A and family who are homeless and are interested in attending AVANDSA.

  • The family at the corner of M and N in Apple Valley.  They have 3 children.

  • Homeless 17 individuals and 6 families who were given food on 7/22/18.

  • Sis JS who is missing and has schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders.

  • Sis SS’s neighbors J & BF to come to church with their daughter and grandmother.

  • Sis SS’s neighbors J & BF to find a new place to live.

  • Sis DB’s friend Sis P is looking for work.

  • Sis E is new to the area and our church needs prayers for family and work issues.

  • Bro JI’s grandchildren have a court date in Nov regarding their father getting custody.  May God’s Will prevail.

  • Sis SS travel mercies to the Philippines and for the evangelistic series to go well.

  • Sis J’s pregnancy to go well.

  • Sis SS’s outreach to E & MAP and that they come back to our church.

  • Bro RD’s health and he is losing weight.

  • Sis CR’s rent that will not increase this year.

  • Sis TF being attacked by Satan.

  • Sis CF and her 3 children in financial difficulties.

  • Sis SL to have dinner peace and for God to soften her heart.

  • Sis AR who had her car stolen that her insurance will replace it.

  • Sis CR’s daughter to have a healthy baby in December

  • Sis B who is attending Bible studies with Bro RD. That she will choose Christ as her personal Savior.

  • Sis H’s husband Bro C diagnosed with early dementia.

  • Bro JW fell from a ladder. Pray for healing.

  • Bro JI’s daughter Sis RC for complete recovery from breast cancer surgery. She is doing better however another lump was found.  Pray for it to be benign and she remains in remission while going to college.

  • Sis DB’s friend KK for depression, alcohol addiction, bi-polar and schizophrenia.

  • Sis JB for restored health and financial issues. Mother is selling home and in need of place to live and part time job.

  • Bro B & LH has health issues.

  • Granddaughter if health food store owner has terminal cancer and hepatitis C.

  • Sis TF’s daughter’s husband for restored health. J, A and D to come back to Christ.

  • Sis TF’s fatty liver.

  • Bro HW’s back recovery. Workman’s Comp is still pending.  Pray he get treatment and case resolved.

  • Sis TF’s friend Sis B for exhaustion and health and less pressure at her Big Lots job.

  • Bro CW’s hip pain.

  • Sis BW for hip pain, left arm pain and breathing issue.

  • Bro JI’s healing of his shoulder and physical therapy.

  • Sis TF’s friend Sis P is bi-polar and has ALS.

  • Sis MS and family. Restoration of Bro H health.

  • Sis LS bunions and lupus.

  • Sis TA’s husband died from cancer. Pray for her strength, her A-fib to stabilize, pain from groin to her knee is better. No longer using a walker but needs prayer for healing.

  • Bro BB’s high school friend has kidney failure.  He is on dialysis.

  • Sis TO for mental abuse.

  • Bro HC recovering from broken leg surgery.  Still in a lot of pain but getting better.

  • Sis BD’s neighbor Sis F has broken back. She has moved in with her sister.

  • Sis MA’s carpal tunnel syndrome treatment to avoid surgery. It has gotten worse and requires more shots.

  • Sis BD’s health problems, anxiety, high BP to be under control.

  • Sis GB’s neighbor Bro J to recover from heart attack. In need of triple bypass surgery. Also, wife Sis D has breast cancer surgery. Pray for healing.

  • Sis TF’s friend and neighbor Bro T has COPD. Pray for his wife Sis J to have strength to take care of him.

  • Bro DF for full recovery from shoulder surgery on 4/27/18. Still in therapy but released to work. Pray for home inspection business to start.

  • Bro JI’s daughter Sis J in Baltimore. Pray for focus on school and internship in public health.

  • Sis ES’s mother bleeding. Doctor cannot stop it. He has a small child.

  • Sis BB’s sister will be put in a home and her husband has a failing heart.

  • Sis BB’s brother-in-law and sister having medical issues.

  • Sis F is homeless and approved for HUD housing. Pray she acquires a phone.

  • Sis JM’s mom has Alzheimer’s

  • Sis TF’s friend Sis CH has Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau. Pray for recovery.

  • Bro JS’s seizures.

  • Sis SS’ neighbor Sis SJ has sleep apnea and breast cancer.

  • Sis JM’s friend’s daughter Sis AR is having multiple UTIs. Pray for cure.

  • Bro JL’s co-worker Sis DL has health issues. In a lot of pain and has fatigue. Pray for restored health.

  • Sis SS healing from loss of husband.

  • Sis CR’s daughter Sis A who is due in 4 months. 5th child. Pray for better relationship with daughter.

  • Sis LY has congestive heart failure.

  • Sis M hurt back. Pray for quick healing.

  • Sis EF has blood issues. Pray for her and doctors.

  • Sis EA hurt her shoulder and has numbness in hand.

  • Sis B lost her husband Bro H to cancer. Pray for strength to get through next few months.

  • Sis AR will have surgery for a growth on ovaries and a complete hysterectomy. Pray for full recovery.

  • 9 yrs old A. He has cancer.

  • Sis BV’s Sis AL had gall bladder surgery and is home recovering. She will be having knee surgery next.

  • Bro MG gas clogged arteries. He will be changing his diet. Pray he will not need surgery.

  • Sis TF’s friend Sis DP for her health and to find a home in Bullhead City, AZ

  • Sis TF’s daughter Sis A needs prayer for leg healing from car accident.

  • Caregiver for M, Sis CJ wants to move to high desert from LA. Pray she gets HUD housing.

  • Bro RD fell and bruised ribs. He also had a tooth extracted. Pray for quick list.